Hi, I’m Howlives Blogger, I’m Austina Amber!

About Austina
Hey, everyone! Welocome to my Howlives Blog, Thanks for stopping by here!

In March 2019, Mike Amber and I came from London to China due to the position change of his work at BP. We started a new life experience of work and travel. Mike and I have lived in many cities of the world. He really hopes that I can write these experiences of life and travel as a blog and share them with our friends. So he helped me build this blog, and I will often update it with my experiences in China and Asia. In addition, Mike and I also met many Chinese friends. They are friendly and willing to help others.

Since I worked part-time in the self-media of beauty and tourisms, I understand the various precautions in the journey and the customs of each country.

In this blog, I aim to:

  • Show how it is absolutely possible to engage in self-media for beauty and tourism in China, help people who need to know about China and Asia, and earn some income with my free time.
  • Discuss on the best types of experiences and resources to live and travel in China and Asia. How to help people plan and complete a perfect journey to Asia.

I plan to accomplish these goals by:

  • Introduce some interesting stories of Mike and I about life and travel in China and Asia.
  • Share detailed experiences on Visa, scenic sites, tickets, food and hotel for travel and work in China.




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