70+ Christmas and Holiday Nail Art Design Ideas

Christmas holiday is coming soon, it’s time to decorate your nails with the style of Santa Claus. Christmas is the best celebration time of the year.

Beautiful nail art design can match your Christmas clothes very well. The awsome nail art with green and red decorations fit well with the Christmas atmosphere.

You can decorate your nails with the designs of snowflakes, Christmas tree and hat, reindeer and other patterns. Some people like traditional colors such as red, green and white. But some people like simpler colors, eg. black.

Source: Marina Design – Nail Master
Awsome nail designs will be a highlight of your Christmas holiday. Whether you have a Christmas dinner with your families or participate in a party with friends, they will pay attention to your hand and appreciate the beautiful nail art designs on your fingers.
In order to inspire your nail designs, we have collected more than 70 nail art images for the Christmas season.
Source: Cupcakenails – Nail Master

I hope you can find a satisfactory pattern from them.


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