Maldives: Tropical Paradise For Honeymoon and Holiday Vacations

Maldives is the best destination for your honeymoon and holidays. Large and small coral islands are scattered on both sides of the equator like pearls.

Introducing Maldives
Maldives is known as the last paradise on the Indian Ocean. The islands of the Maldives are made up of ancient volcanic eruptions.

The maximum is no more than 2 square kilometers. The landforms are ever-changing with air-clear seas and fine white sand beaches, making the sea being a paradise. Many of these islands are owned by some world-renowned hotel groups.

A small island is a resort hotel designed by world-class designers to create beautiful gardens and fantastic water bungalows. The almost isolated environment and comfortable hotel facilities, numerous entertainment programs and meticulous service attract visitors who just want to have a “pure” holiday without bustle.

Here, there is no bustling group of tourists, you only need to have a leisurely walking on the beach and diving in the sea.


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